• Customer affairs:
    Project managers accompany with customer affairs from the beginning of the way. The customer can count on project managers for pursuing the most subtle items of their project. The manager of the project as the customer agent in Farahang has the responsibility of monitoring and supervising the true implementation of advertisement campaign and by controlling the market and rivals during the campaign, provides the best recommendations for the customer.
  • Strategy :
    The development and research specialists in Farahang analyze the needs and wants of the customer. The analysis and research of market, recognizing the audience, the analysis of rivals and full cognition of the customer are some instruments that lead the R&D specialists toward problem solving and recommending appropriate strategies and tactics in advertisement.
  • Idea:
    The ideological and designer artists of Farahang have gathered in four sections of thinking room, graphic gallery, film making and photographing studio to permeate in to the heart of customers through creative translation of strategy language.
Launching a successful advertising partnership with GKM in 2015 led Farahang to take the first steps in Europe. Our goal is to use the creative Iranian manpower in European markets and to become familiar with the advertising culture in the world market.
Another partner of Farahang- media management center –is Neshan Shahr institution of art production that works in areas like advising, designing and building of urban elements, lighting, furniture and building artistic statues.